istanbul airports transfers

We left Gedikpaşa aparthotel in Istanbul. And we came to Istanbul New airport with a vehicle that belongs to the Hotel. In fact, an extremely modern airport was built. Each

We have a plane landing and we went to airport transfers  the airport of Borajet Airport. All around Newswhir airport is a very busy place. Domestic abroad is a continuous

mobility. We have stayed in an apart hotel which is located on the foothills of Cappadocia Hasan Dağ with the vehicle allocated by Tranigo. Maybe a thousand years ago active HAsan Dağ

As a result of this magnificent natural wonder, Cappadocia was formed. When we arrived in Cappadocia, the hotel was beautifully built and located close to the Ihlara Valley, which has its original architecture.

We remained. Apart from the hotel there is a large pool with a large Turkish bath and spa. What we are most impressed with is the different cappadocia balloon from the sky

It was not. Champagne is celebrated as a reward. In the evening before the show at the Cave resturant and show Sufi Derwis and it was very impressive and very entertaining to us

There was Turkish Night. At the end of the show, there are two belly dancers.

In a part of the trip we spent for shopping and souvenirs. On the second day we visited Cappadocia open air museum and Pigeon Valley. Already here

while the most influenced is the trophy pigeon. Cappadocia is a very extensive area spread and in a certain part of the safari we did the local sightseeing on the horse and camel. Above us

Cappadocia was walking around the balloons. the biggest ones in the underground cities are Demirkazık and derinkuyu. People to hide in natural disaster fire earthquake and the moment of war

very ideal place. 5,000 people can live in places easily. Even next to the found bread has been the greatest helper of water and wine. Cave church is the larger of the houses

for the general orthodox church.


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